Saturday, December 13, 2014

Breaking News: Pete's Dragon to be remade.

My fellow Passamaquodians it has finally happened, thanks to the lack of original ideas coming out of Hollywood our time has come (or rather has come again). Pete's Dragon the 1977 film that put Passamaquoddy on the map is being remade. Rumors have circulated for years that a non musical version was being shopped around the studio lots and this fall it was confirmed by AV News that actor Robert Redford has accepted a role in the film. The AV article suggests that Redford will be playing Nora's father and local lighthouse keeper "Lampy"

I recently polled patrons at Robinson's Brew-house and asked them for their thoughts on the remake and what casting choices they would like to see. The initial response from those interviewed was "Don't bother me while I'm enjoying my beer Fred" which was generally followed by "Why don't you buy me a beer Fred?" Needless to say after several interviews I was feeling pretty good and Imma was called to drive me home.

After reviewing my notes the majority of those responding felt that a remake was not needed. However a small but vocal number of citizens felt that if it drove more tourism to our town it would be a good and much needed thing. The consensus being that a major increase in tourism is needed to off set the debt created by this years roll out of PirateyBands. An idea that sounded fine on paper but has been plagued with problems since it was launched. The problems surrounding PirateyBands is another story which we may visit at a later date.

In keeping with today's story here is a list of the actors and actresses and the roles for which they were most frequently mentioned during the survey.

 (Helena Bonham Carter & Paul Giamatti as Lena and Merle Gogan)
 (Matthew Mcconaughey & Joaquin Phoenix as Willie and Grover Gogan)
 (Nolan Gould & Draco (Sean Connery) as Pete and Elliot)
 (Amy Adams & Mandy Patinkin as Nora and Lampy)
 *editors note: I'd like to make the case for a musical version right now.
(Daniel Day-Lewis & Leonardo DiCaprio as Doc Terminus and Hoagy)
 (Jodie Foster as Miss Taylor)
(Patrick Dempsey & Larry David as Paul and The Mayor)

Well there you have it Passamaquoddy. Do you think any of the these suggestion could or should come true? Leave us a comment below or email us you thoughts at